Small Slide For Bed Bath And Beyond Shares

Recent in the news is the story that Bed Bath and Beyond has posted lower profits in the 3rd quarter and also warned that their earnings would be lower than expected.

At the time of this writing, (2-15-08) the share price settled to just over 29.00 US.

Colin McGranahan is an analyst for Sanford Berstein & Company. He said that it looked like it would mean even more hard work for retailers like Bed Bath and Beyond with stepped up company promotions, even though the profit margins could be expected to be smaller due to the softer economy.

It’s likely that this scenario will remain pretty much the same till people regain more confidence in the overall economy and are less concerned over housingĀ costsĀ and rising fuel and food prices.

The outlook isn’t all gloomy though, as James Cullen, a featured author in Wall St. Newsletters, comments that he has “particular confidence in the underlying economics” of BBBY. It shows that even though the economy may be abit softer, that BBBY might be “the most consistent profit generator company in the world.” And that it may even be a good time to buy shares, he says. Do this at your own risk please- this article is not meant as trading advice.