Sleep Better

by Robert Kokoska

Sleep better and live better – Positive advantages of a better sleeping habit are well known and its importance can not be simply denied. Health is always linked to your sleeping habits, how well you sleep and the number of sleeping hours in day. Sleep is probably the most loved habit in human history; everyone just loves to have a nap, at least for a few minutes in a day. A tired body needs a good round of sleep, while a weary mind needs a few minutes of rest as well. A good nights sleep weans away tiredness, stress, tension and worries. As a compliment, a good sleep will keep you cheerful and energetic throughout the day. However, sleep pattern among people varies to a considerable degree and many of them are denied the advantages of a better sleep. Lack of sleep or insufficient sleep in people is detrimental to their mind and physique.

Lack of better sleep or insufficient sleep may arise out of a host of factors; improper personal habits and physiological imbalances could cause loss of sleep and in some extreme cases they may lead to chronic insomnia as well. If you feel that youre not sleeping as you should be, then you will consider why such things are happening to you. Try and find out reasons as to why youre not getting better sleep, even during nighttime. Most of the problems related to lack of sleep are habitual and developed over a period of time. Youre what you are! – Your personality is reflected by the number hours you sleep and the overall quality of sleep. Are you sleeping better? Here are some tips for getting a better night sleep:

1. Substances like alcohol, cigarettes, caffeine, nicotine and drugs are precursors to bad sleep; these substances are known to make you restless during night. The resulting restlessness will not allow you to sleep properly and when youre addicted to such substances, you may loose a regular sleeping habit. Avoid such harmful substances to get a better night sleep.

2. Create a proper ambience to induce your body to get a better sleep. Keep your pets out of your bedroom. Minimize harsh light, shut out high decibel sound and instead turn on your favorite music at a very low volume. Keep your room tidy and neat. Check that the bed you sleep is clean and the sheets very fresh.

3. Relax before going to bed; take a warm water shower and eat a light snack with some juice. You can also try meditation exercises or yoga. If you are reader, try and read something that is light humor.

4. Never consume too much liquid before going to bed, as it will make you visit your bathroom many times in the night. Sleeping is a natural act, and never attempt inducing sleep by taking sleeping pills or sleep inducers. Avoid sleeping during daytime and limit it to shorter naps instead.

5. Always wake at the same time every morning and make it a habit. Check your medications and how you take them. Seek tips from your physician about those drugs which may cause loss of sleep.

Better sleep is a combination of good habits and healthy lifestyle; as you try to achieve a perfect balance, youll see a marked improvement in your sleep pattern.