The Great American Sleep Better Project: Fun Experiment Proves It

This article about pillows and how important they are will come as no surprise to those of us who have woken up with a painful neck that hurts to move.

An experiment was done with a community of about 300 people in Pillow Pa..yes, that’s not a typo. It was called the Great American Sleep Better Project. The residents received new pillows for this study and were asked to keep journals for a week about the quality of their sleep and their thoughts about the pillows.

66 percent felt more energized during their day
69 percent felt more rested
72 percent had less back and neck pain
76 percent slept better than they had before
53 percent had less headaches
86 percent would keep using the new pillow

This pillow test was run by the Carpenter Co., manufacturers with the Sleep Better TM. It was designed to educate people about how important it is to really get a good night’s sleep by using the right type of pillows.

I would also add to that the other bedding choices we make can be just as important. Add to this a warm, comfortable bedroom that is conducive to getting rest is equally as important.

“We are very happy with these results,” said Dan Schecter, the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Carpenter Co.  “The individuals who go on using their Sleep Better pillows will see even more improved results in week two and beyond as their bodies continue to adjust to their new pillow. We are thrilled that Carpenter Co. has had such a positive impact on this wonderful community.”

Dr. Michael J, Breus, board certified sleep specialist, and the author of Good Night: The Sleep Doctor’s 4-Week Program to Better Sleep and Better Health, says Carpenter Co.’s Sleep Better Project is a great example for others to follow. “Replacing your bed pillow with one that is specially suited for you as an individual is one of the best and easiest things you can do to ensure a quality night’s sleep.”

“We were amazed at how many people in Pillow suffered from neck and back pain. After taking their Zzzz Score test and outfitting them with a pillow that improves spinal neck alignment, participants returned at the end of The Project with significantly reduced back pain,” commented Dr. Breus. “There are some very simple and useful lessons learned from the example set during The Great American Sleep Better Project in Pillow, PA.”

Carpenter Co. has been contributing to America’s comfort for over 50 years in the mattress, furniture and carpet cushion industries. The company is the world’s largest maker of comfort cushioning products. Carpenter Co.’s mission is to continue to develop new products based on scientific research and development that meet their high standards as well as those of their customers and consumers. The Sleep Better(TM) seal was developed as a benchmark for consumers to easily find high-quality sleep products at their local retailers.

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