Six Easy Tips On King Comforter Care

King comforters are a valueable investment in your bedding collection- and you don’t want to shorten its life span or beauty by not taking care of it.

So here are some easy Ideas you’ll enjoy and find helpful-

1. Read and Save Care Instructions: Before purchasing a king comforter, read the care instructions and determine if the recommended care meets your needs and desires.
Once you take your comforter out of its package, you may wish to remove the care instruction label to prevent it rubbing skin or showing on the bedding.

Consider getting an index card and taping the care instructions on it.
Then you can tape the note card inside your linen closet, in the laundry room, or any practical place where you’ll be able to find it when you need it. Trying to remember or making an educated guess all too often ends up ruining bedding.

2.  Choose Based on Use: Do you love to lounge on top of your king size bed and read, snack, watch television, drink beverages, play games or other activities? If so, select a fabric which is stain resistant and does not require dry cleaning. If you remove the comforter from your bed before sleeping and do not lounge on your bed, you may be perfectly happy with a dry clean only bedding choice. If the comforter is for a child’s room or even a teen’s bedroom, you can be sure there will be lots of wear and tear, so you should choose sturdy construction and easy care.

3. Have King Comforters Professionally Laundered or Dry Cleaned: The wet king comforter simply weighs too much for most washers to stand the strain and repairs or replacement is an expense you probably do not want. Note any stains so the laundry or dry cleaner can attempt to remove the stain using special products.

4. Consider using Duvet Covers: Duvet covers in king sizes are a useful way of extending comforter life. A duvet cover is simply an envelope-like package which encases your comforter, allowing the heavy comforter to be cleaned less frequently. Duvet covers are usually light weight and can be laundered in home laundry equipment. These covers for king comforters are especially great for people with allergies. You can have one or many comforters, but each duvet cover can change the look to fit your moods and the changing seasons. They are becoming more easily available in color options that were only white for the longest time.

5. Fluff your King Comforter Daily: When you make your bed take a moment to fluff the filling. This increases the amount of air trapped in the fill and allows the comforter to achieve its full loft. This is especially necessary if the comforter is down filled, but any filling will benefit from a moment spent fluffing.

6. Storage: When a king comforter is not in use, be cautious how it’s stored. Plastic zipper bags can trap moisture and leave a comforter smelling mildewed or even cause visible mildew to appear. Instead, store the comforter on a closet shelf, in the linen closet, or in a container that is not fully sealed such as under-the-bed containers or boxes.

Hope this little comforter care guide comes in handy for you. =)