Silk sheets for true luxury

Silk sheets, while expensive, are certainly the most luxurious sheets you can buy! These sheets feel like no other material.

A silk sheet is special and just has that touch of luxury you will love on your bed and against your skin. Silk is made by silk worms, and does require special care, but the sumptuous feel of sheets made from this material is well worth the extra care!

Be absolutely certain never to over-dry your silk bedding in the dryer or you may wrinkle your sheets- and ironing silk is not a good idea unless you know exactly what you are doing.

If you have a wedding anniversary coming up, you might consider sheets of silk for a gift. If you are the wife, buy a silk bedding set, sheets and all, and place them on the bed before your hubby arrives home.

You’ll find that bed sheets and matching linen like pillowcases and duvet covers come in a huge variety of colors, like:

deep red



midnight blue


deep gorgeous purple

Have champagne chilled and two glasses on the bedside table. Perhaps add a rose or other flower in a vase on a table nearby. What could be more romantic..?

Conversely, if you are the husband, buy nice set of silk bedding, perhaps black sheets, and put them on the bed.

Add a long stemmed red or yellow on your wife’s new silk pillow case or ask the florist for some rose petals and sprinkle them on the bed.

Again, have some bubbly or whatever her other favorite drink may be chilled on a table nearby and candles lighted. If you want to go all out, select some nice white lingerie item to have draped across the bed.

She’ll get the idea and a truly romantic night will follow! After all, what wife expects her mate to have purchased silk bedding and actually put the sheets on the bed – not to mention the added romantic touches.

She’s probably expecting the usual, predictable gift. Surprise her with the very best – sheets make of pure silk! The great news is that even though your local retailer may not really be able to carry a large selection of silk bed linen, you’ll truly have the world at your fingers when you do your shopping online!