Silk bedding: not just luxurious but healthy too!

That’s right – silk bedding is not only incredibly luxurious, it’s also good for your body in two important ways.

First, it’s naturally hypoallergenic, so even people suffering from severe allergies to many substances can sleep in silk sheets and silk pillows without fear of triggering a reaction.

Silk also has a unique characteristic that is good for our bodies – it holds warmth very efficiently. This means that even a thin silk sheet or silk blanket is often all you’ll need to sleep soundly throughout the night, even on cold Winter nights.

Sleep scientists have long known that changing body temperatures can cause sleeplessness and day fatigue. This happens most often when using bedding that is made of materials that “leak” warmth as we shift positions or a draft moves across the bed.

Silk is extremely efficient at heat retention, so it makes an ideal bedding material in colder climes.

However, it holds another characteristic that makes it even more prized – it feels cool to the touch, even as it’s holding in body heat.

For bed sheets, comforters and pillows, only silk can provide this wonderful combination!

As we all know, silk is quite expensive. Unless money is no object for you (lucky you!), you’ll need to search hard to find great deals on silk bed linens and pillows.

One way to keep the costs lower is to buy products made from Tasar silk. This is a slightly lower quality silk vs. the premium Mulberry silk, but produces nice bedding nonetheless.

Look online for Indian (the nation, not Native American) websites that sell silk sheets and other bedding products directly to the public. You can pick up some great bargains!