A security blanket can be their favorite friend

A security blanket is part of a little baby’s world and no one would want to change that.

Few babies grow past babyhood without choosing a favorite blanket to cuddle and drag around with them. The security blankets become one thing in their lives that they feel they can control and they own.

This need to begin controlling the environment is the beginning of baby learning to make choices and impact the world around themselves. The world is such a huge place to a little one, that the security blanket is a constant they can count on.

Mommy and Daddy have to leave and go to work, brother and sister go out to play with friends, but the baby security blanket never leaves them for someone else.

Many babies grow so attached that even laundry time for the security blanket is a bit traumatic. There’s nothing abnormal about a child having a security blanket. However, you should be extremely aware and not let your baby under 12 months of age go to sleep with their security blanket.

Even in the second year, it is better to err on the side of caution and not let the security blanket become part of the bedding. A baby can easily bunch even a light blanket up and get their face embedding into their security blanket. The air flow to their tiny noses will become restricted and tragedy can result.

The percentage of babies lost to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) grows proportionately with the percentage of babies who sleep with something near their faces. Babies should be placed on their backs for sleeping and any blanket on the bed should be firmly and securely tucked under the mattress where small arms can not pull the blanket loose and form an obstruction to normal breathing.

So, while your child may develop an attachment to a security blanket, you must work with your child to be sure safe sleeping practices are followed. If there is no other choice than to place the blanket on the bed with baby, tuck it in and check on your little angel often.

If any part of the blanket has been pulled loose unexpectedly, remove the blanket from the baby bed. Clothe the baby with enough bed clothing that blankets are not desired. And don’t replace the security blanket with any large stuffed toys because those can also result in a breathing obstruction.