Satin sheets: your luxurious lifestyle

Satin sheets to lie on, satin pillows to cry on”, goes the old country song. Satin materials for sheets don’t provide a sad place, but a cozy, luxurious place to sleep.

Luxury sheets in satin sets are not only affordable, but make great gifts as well. A white satin sheet set makes a lovely wedding gift. The bride and groom will enjoy the satin feel and white is the color of wedding sheets. Once arriving home from the honeymoon, the couple may well choose to use your gift as their first bedding.

You’ll find many other popular colors now for satin bedding too, some of the most loved:

silver…. purple… egg-shell…. midnight blue… red….. black… hunter green

One complaint sometimes heard about satin as a sheet material is that it can be difficult to keep on the bed. This can be very true, satin is a slippery fabric.

Today, there are sheet holders which attach to the corners of the sheets underneath the mattress and hold the fitted sheet tightly in place, preventing your waking up to find yourself wrapped in satin that should be on the bed! Tucking the top sheet under the foot of the mattress will hold the satin in place so that you do not lose your top sheet as well. I hate when that happens. =)

Comforters, pillowcases and duvet covers in satin complete the bedding set. Many couples fold the satin comforter back onto a quilt rail at the foot of the bed and sleep under the sheets only, or under the satin with a blanket on top. That choice is entirely up to you.

Satin holds up for years with proper care- so there’s no reason not to top your sheets with satin luxury. Some people are abit afraid that daily use will ruin this bed linen, but abit of extra care and proper laundering will help your sumptuous satin bedding wear well.

Satin must not be dried at too high a temperature or your sheets will come out looking wrinkled and worn after a time. Satin also should be washed on the gentle cycle of your washer in most cases, but the directions on your sheet set will instruct you of exactly what to do to best preserve your luxury sheets.