Chainlink Fence Gates

Chain link fence gates are a must have if you are installing a chain link fence. The most common gauge for residential chain link is 11 and if you want a thicker wire you can get a 9 or 8 gauge (the lower the number the thicker the wire). To install a chain link gate you will need: measuring tape, post hole digger, wheelbarrow, shovel and hoe for mixing concrete, string and stakes, carpenter’s level, pliers, block and tackle fence stretcher, 1/2″ or 9/16″ wench, circular saw to cut metal/ pipe cutter.

Take the measure of the perimeter, then divide it with the number of posts you have bought – typically you set chain link fence posts approximately 10 feet apart. Next you can dig your holes for the posts to stand in. Drive stakes into these holes and stretch a string between each stake. Dig a vertical holes ~6-8” wide 18 to 30” deep.

Mark the depth where the posts will go in the ground. The terminal posts at which the gate will be hung should be 3” more in height. Mix the concrete. Place the posts in the holes and fill in the holes with this concrete. Make sure that the posts are properly plumbed with a carpenter’s level and check if all the marks are at the ground level.

Make all concrete footings to the posts sloping to allow the water to drain away from them. Wait for 24 hours for the concrete to harden. Bring out your Chain Link Fence. Fix the Chain Link fence from the outisde, 2” below the terminal fence level.

Slide a tension bar through the first row of chain links on the fabric and fasten at even distances along the length with tension bands & fix fittings. Fix top caps, stand the chain link fabric and fix the fabric to the posts using the tension bands. Make sure you take out the slack in the chain link fence! Add fittings and rail end bands to the terminal posts. Align the gate to the top of the fence and fit the gates hinge into the post fittings. Adjust and oil the hinge to allow full swing of the gate and tighten the bolts to further strengthen your Chain Link Fence with a Swing Gate.