Safe Bedding for Babies

Soft Bedding and SIDS

Soft bedding may seem like what parents should put in cribs for babies, but the exact opposite is true. It can be one of the leading causes of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. There are some important guidelines to follow for parents with new additions to the family, to make sure their babies stay safe.

Safety First

The first important thing to remember is to always purchase new cribs with current safety standards. The crib mattress should be firm and new if possible, and choose a flannel mattress cover for the most comfort. For the bedding to dress the crib with, keep it very simple. Don’t use any comforters or sheepskin style blankets. Use a fitted sheet on the bottom to cover the mattress, but skip using a big blanket. Don’t put any pillows at all in the crib. They can be suffocation hazards. For cooler weather many are advising babies be dressed in snug sleepwear so they stay warm without needing a blanket. If you have to use a blanket, then tuck one halfway under the mattress and the cover your baby halfway with it, tucking it under there little arms after you have laid them down on their back. That way the baby can’t pull the blanket up by their face. Never allow the bedding to be on or near baby’s faces while they sleep.

Safe Beds

New mothers might be tempted to let their baby sleep with them, but this is a bad idea especially if they have a water bed or other soft bedding nearby. Babies can roll over and the blankets can cover their faces not allowing them to breathe. The baby’s bed is the safest place for them to sleep.

Bed Alternatives

Bumper pads help keep the hard surfaces of the crib from hurting little ones, but some experts say they aren’t really necessary. Bumper pads with soft pillow like designs can be dangerous and lead to possible suffocation hazards. Newly designed bumper pads with breathable features allow air to pass through, so there is no danger of suffocation when using them correctly. Make sure any strings from the pads aren’t dangling where your little one could reach them. There are also pretty crib skirts and blankets designed with safety in mind as well. Look for bedding accessories that mention high safety standards on their labels before you purchase them. Also, research products to make sure there haven’t been any safety recalls on them before you use them for your baby.