Safe Baby Cribs

Safe baby cribs are one of the most essential baby products for new parent to procure. Your baby’s crib will be one of the most expensive items you will need to purchase, and it will need to last for up to three years or until your baby is prepared to move into a toddler bed.

Make safety the foremost priority when searching for your baby’s crib. Comfortable cribs that suit your budget and home d├ęcor are the ideal choice. Government manufacturing standards that were established in 1973 have greatly improved baby crib safety.

Most manufacturers in the U.S already do take safety into account, and they all must meet the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission safety requirements. Parents should be cautious if opting for antique or second-hand cribs as these may not satisfy these standards.

Safe baby cribs must always have adjustable sides, and the space between the crib bars should not exceed 23/8 inches. This is to stop the baby from getting its head stuck among the slats and to prevent infants from slipping through. Moreover, the crib must be well built.

Parents should ensure that the cribs do not have any rough edges, cracked wood, or peeling paint. The drop side of a safe baby crib should feature a reliable locking mechanism that holds the baby in the crib securely. The crib mattress should be firm and properly fit inside the crib, with no extra spaces on the sides. Only after you have found several safe cribs to choose from should you think about the shape, style, and color. Most safe baby cribs range from $150 to $500, depending on the type and make.

The higher the price, generally the better the quality of wood used and the more attractive the crib. When you assemble the crib, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s directions exactly to ensure the greatest amount of safety for your child. The screws, bolts, and other fasteners should all be in place to ensure maximum safety.

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