Ring bearer pillows — the perfect wedding accent pillow

First off, let’s make sure we answer the question what in the world is a ring bearer pillow in the first place…?  A ring pillow is a little mini pillow that the couples wedding bands are fastened to. This special little pillow is carried down the aisle typically by a young boy who has been specially chosen for this honor. He presents it to the wedding official to begin the ceremony.

What’s cool about this ring pillow is that it can match the theme of the wedding beautifully, no matter what that theme might be.  Is it a traditional white ceremony…?  No problem, you’ll find it easy to match or complement your wedding with the perfect ring pillow.

Do you have something more exotic in mind perhaps…?  You’ll find tropical themed ring pillows. How about a more metaphysical theme…?  You’ll find ring bearer pillows that have relaxing color prints and semi precious gems and even crystals adorning them. You’ll find them with ribbons and bows, charms and pins and in a huge variety of colors and prints that match just about any wedding theme you can even remotely imagine.  You’ll find them made from some of our favorite fabrics like cotton, satin, silk and chiffon.

You can go from traditional and elegant to humorous, whimsical, to downright wild. You’ll find all of these wedding scenes have a complementing ring pillow made specially with you in mind.  All you have to do is choose which one — after all this little wedding pillow will mark one of the most important events that come along in a person’s life.  It’s also a tradition to place these pillows on the bed as a remembrance of the special occasion for years to come.