How to Select the Right Mattress for Your Baby’s Crib

The prerequisites of a good quality crib include a perfect crib mattress. Even if you are using an old crib, the right kind of mattress in the crib will make it as good as new.

So here we take you through the essentials when choosing a crib mattress for your baby.

1. The dimensions of the mattress should be checked against those of your crib.

Choosing the right sized mattress shouldn’t be a weighty problem, considering that most of the cribs and crib mattresses are made to set dimensions nowadays. However, standards might not be followed by certain doubtful brands. Generally, you should make sure that the mattress fits snugly in the crib frame, such that not more than one finger fits between both all the way around the crib.

2. Buy a firm mattress!

If the babies turn over at night, it’s hard for them to lift their heads out of a soft mattress. To verify firmness- hold the mattress by placing your hands in the center on both sides, and compress. The tougher it is to press the mattress, the more firm it is.

3. Don’t worry about the choice between a foam or coil mattress.

In reality, it doesn’t matter. Foam crib mattresses are not only light and easier to move around, but also less costly as compared to the other. Also, given they are not too soft, they are equally safe. In case of coil mattresses, more number of coils-though not always indicative of quality- make the mattress more firm.

4. For durability, always check the cover.

Multi-layer covers, such as a triple layer of vinyl or water-resistant material, would be a good pick. These days, crib mattresses also come with a topmost layer that is anti- microbial in its properties. This cover is a great way to decrease adverse effects by germs resulting from burping, spit ups and mishaps with diapers.

5. Lastly, consider the cost.

Spending $75 to $100 on a crib mattress would be a reasonable expense, as you are sure to find a good quality, practical and hard-wearing mattress for that price. So in case you are on a budget, there’s no need to agonize over the fact that you are not able to afford the best for your bundle of joy. As it is, spending more on mattresses will hardly fetch you greater features or better quality.

All well known companies know how hard it is for a first parent to make such choices. So, by providing the right quality and standardized features, they ensure that the choice of the mattress you make will effectively be the best one. You can also refer to online consumer guide for baby crib mattresses.