Redecorate your teenage girls bedroom with flair

If you’re getting ready to redecorate your teenage girls bedroom here are some tips to keep in mind.

You have the Internet as a source of all sorts of creative ideas to implement, and most of them don’t have to be very expensive at all.

The biggest thing I would say is talk to your daughter first. Get her input. After all she’s not a little child anymore.. she has opinions and preferences that make a difference.

She spends a lot of time in her bedroom if she’s like other teenagers I know, so getting it right will score you a lot of cool points. So make an effort to work with her so that her bedroom reflects her sense of style and not just yours.  What kind of personality does she have.. is she outgoing wild and fun.. or more reserved and shy…?

If she’s shy, she probably won’t want a bedroom decked out in neon orange and black I would imagine…
Since the bed is naturally the main focal point of her bedroom, start there.

Does she need new bedding… if so what colors can both of you agree on for the comforter or duvet cover or blankets. Go for bed sheets that complement or offset your blanket or comforter choice so the colors don’t all blend in and become overwhelming.

For example, let’s say you agree that green and shades of green would be good for the comforters and or blankets. Why not go for a bold pink for your sheets and pillowcases to set everything off and make it look really cool…? Maybe it’s time to just have some fun and think outside of the box when you’re dealing with your favorite teenager. Get funky. She’ll love it and so will you.

Remember to consider the window treatments also, and keep away from drab humdrum and boring colors and textures. Mix it up- maybe find some corduroy or other interesting fabric in dark green or pink for her drapes using my example there.

Try a really cool novelty clock for the walls. Add a couple interesting shaped mirrors. Let her add some of her favorite posters- and add more interest by framing them with really cool deco art frames. Not too expensive either if you check out your local hobby shop.

Don’t forget area rugs and complementing colors and textures also. You could add some fresh paint, dress up areas of the wall using stencils, also very inexpensive at your local hobby shop.

You and your teenage girl can get together and really create a bedroom you’ll both be proud of, and one that she will spending time in- just let your creativity out and have fun.