Prima loft comforters: a comfy bedding solution to your sneezing

Primaloft comforters are among the top choices in hypoallergenic comforters for those who suffer from allergies. Often it’s not the filling of a comforter that causes the allergic reaction, but the inhabitants that live in bedding; dust mites thrive inside most comforters. Yuk.

Primaloft has created comforters that are dust mite proof! The microscopic creatures can’t get into the comforter to cause you sneezing and irritation.

You will find Primaloft comforters in 230 thread count material and three warmth levels in a variety of designs. The very best part about Primaloft is that the comforters do not cost significantly more than a traditional comforter! Let’s look at just a few.

•Solid color Primaloft 230 thread count comforters are available in a rainbow of colors. The warmth levels are warm, warmer and warmest. The filling in the comforters from Primaloft is tiny microfiber that creates small pockets to allow the collection of heat and holds that heat in through the cold nights. These comforters require no cover, nor would you wish to add a cover and give those nasty dust mites a potential place to live!

•Primaloft sateen comforters are suggested for fall and winter use while cambric comforters are suggested for spring and summer use. You can purchase these simple white comforters which are intended to be used in a duvet.

•Add Primaloft pillows to your comforters, include a dust mite proof mattress cover and you will find your allergies much improved. Very, very few people have any problem being allergic to the tiny microfibers used to fill the pillows and comforters. Primaloft is machine washable, but it is best to have the bedding professionally cleaned. Most home washers and dryers simply aren’t meant for cleaning comforters.

Be sure to choose your Primaloft bed comforters and pillows early because these products have become so popular that by late fall there is often a waiting list. During the spring, summer and early fall, you may be able to find Primaloft bedding at sale prices, so don’t wait until just before Christmas to order that Primaloft gift you want to give someone who suffers from allergies, or to order one of your very own!