Pretty in pink sheets

Pink sheets are so pretty for a little girl’s bed room and add a touch to a lady’s boudoir. But how can you include pink sheets into a couple’s bedroom without making the husband feel it is too girly..?

There are plenty of solutions, but there are mistakes as well. I knew a woman once who had the opportunity to redecorate her and her husband’s bedroom completely – anything she wanted.

She selected pink walls, pink dust ruffle, pink comforter and a deep pink rug. Guess what color the sheets were? You got it – pink.

The husband said he felt like he was sleeping in a candy cane! It was just too much! If you wish to incorporate pink into sheets and not have feminine looking bedroom, choose a set of sheets in a pink pattern or with pink stripes.

Hot pink and black stripes can be striking sheets and there’s nothing “girly” about them. Cover the sheets with a plush black velvet comforter and accent the room with blacks, bright blues, touches of green and only a bit of pink and you can create a room around sheets that include that favorite pink color successfully.

Another nice combination is pink for sheets and deep royal blue for comforters and pillow shams. You will find the royal blue mellowing and soft while the bright pink adds cheer. Sheets in pink percale blend well with shades of maroon as well, provided you select the shades of pink and maroon carefully.

Even if you are decorating a little girl’s room with pink bedding, you can have sheets in solid pink with a colorful comforter over a pink dust ruffle. Mix bright colors into the accessories along with some pink and the child will not get so tired of the single color – and she won’t feel like she’s sleeping in a candy cane!