Pillow shams: an extra touch to decorate your bedroom

Pillow shams are the cases on your bed pillows with the little ruffles that typically match your comforter and go on top of the bed covers for decoration.

Typically people don’t use the accent pillows to sleep on. Most often, people get them with their comforter set or their bed in a bag set.

Depending on what type of bedding set you get, pillow shams may not have been included. Sometimes people match shams to their curtains or drapes.

If you didn’t get shams with your comforter and you want them, it might be a little trickier to find them. You may not be able to match your comforter perfectly but may be able to get a solid color sham that will still match the bed pretty well.

They can range greatly in price, especially when you start looking into name brand bedding like Calvin Klein or Dan River. Since shams are mostly meant for decoration, you’ll see lots of fringe, buttons, brocade, and edging detail.

Once you know more the sort of style, color or design you want, then it should be easy to find the perfect shams online so that your bed looks just perfect!