Picking a Pillow Type

Where should I begin?  Before you engage in creating your own pillow project, you’ll need to first begin by picking a pillow type.  As you can imagine, pillows come in all different types, shapes, sorts, and colors.  So your initial task will be to determine which pillow is suitable for the room or project.

What some some common types of pillow styles?

1. Mock box pillows
2. Bolster pillows
3. Knife-edge pillows
4. Round Box-edge pillows
5. Square Box-edge pillows

But isn’t a pillow just a pillow?  Is it that complicated?  Well, it’s not that complicated, but different pillows do serve different needs.  There are pillows that you want to just hold and want it to be fluffy.  Then, there are pillows that you want around your neck and want it to be snug and fit perfectly.  Or, you may want a little pillow that’s decorative and just purely sits in front of your main pillows to accent them.  The choice is yours.