Personalized baby blankets: make a memory that lasts

Personalized baby blankets add a very special touch to any baby’s room. If you are looking for a truly great christening gift, consider getting a gorgeous personalized baby blanket; it’s certain to become an heirloom!

What should you look for when shopping for a baby blanket with the baby’s name or initials used to personalize the blanket? First, shop for quality.

Purchase the best baby blanket possible to have personalized. Purchase a top of the line machine washable blanket in a pleasing color that is also very soft to the touch.

You can find many websites or local stores which will personalize their blankets for you or you can find the best blanket and take it to a local monogram shop to have the personalization added to the baby blanket.

Consider creating a blanket that has personal significance to the person you are giving it to.  Maybe the mother or father has special clothes such as a favorite sweatshirt for a worshiped sports team that could be incorporated into the blanket.  Many custom quilt shops will create covers of this type and put that special touch from the parent’s past into a form that a child would cherish forever.

Crocheted or knitted baby blankets are also an extremely thoughtful gift.  Thousands of free patterns are available on the internet.  These range from beginner patterns to expert and difficult designs.  This way the color and design that the item is made into can be customized in such a way to mimic the personalities of the people being presented the gift for little cost.

Unisex colors can be used such as green or yellow or a combination of primary colors.  Traditional pinks or blues could be used if the sex of the baby is known. Unique fibers are available to make such items such as bamboo, wool, cotton or consider using recycled fibers such as silk from India.

Whichever type of material the blanket is made from or whether it is purchased or personally made by your own hands, a blanket says to the parents that receive it that you want their baby to be cozy.  They will feel the warmth the blanket provides as a gift of love.

What is best to have embroidered onto the blanket? That depends in part on what you wish to spend on monogramming. Adding personalization to baby blankets is usually priced on a ‘per letter’ basis. If you want to keep the cost down, you could consider just the initials.

But if at all possible and you really want to make the blanket special, have the baby’s full name and date of birth place on the baby blanket. The new parents will be so very proud of a baby blanket gift that is personalized for their little angel. Later in life, the child will be very proud to have the baby blanket from their early childhood. This is a treasure like no other gift you can possibly give.

Few baby gifts are treasured for a lifetime; most go away when the child grows. However, the personalize baby gift of a fine quality blanket will be a real treasure for years and years to come!