Pendleton Wool Throw Blanket

Wool throw blankets are well known for the comfort and coziness that they offer discerning customers. These blankets provide adequate warmth and an extra soft feel that will keep you satisfied all through the winter month, year after year. One of the most famous kinds of wool throw is the Pendleton Wool Throw Blanket that has, over the years, acquired a reputation for being exquisite and very well accepted among those who can appreciate true quality.

The Pendleton Woolen Mills are located in Portland, Oregon and have a history that dates back to the early 20th century when the Bishop family moved to Portland and took over the defunct Pendleton Woolen Mills and turned it around so effectively. Incidentally, Oregon is also very well known for being sheep country and produces some of the best looking and softest wool in the whole of the US. The company grew in size and acceptability a lot of which was contributed by the quality of and demand for Pendleton Wool Throw Blanket pieces that make it a hot favorite of millions of customers.

Just to snuggle into a Pendleton Wool Throw and be cozy and comfy in its snug warmth and soft touch feel is so great that there is nothing in the world you would trade it for. There are many families that still keep these woolen blankets as their family heirloom. Kids have grown up with many of these special wool throw blankets that they used much before the days of cheap acrylic stuff and that is part of the magic of these superior and costlier blankets that are non allergic in nature too.

Pendleton Wool Throw Blanket types can be modified in terms of size and shape as well as color to suit your style and preference. You can find one that matches your room d?cor with a design that matches your artistic sensibilities. Back in the 1980?s the Pendleton Woolen Mills opened its range of exclusive stores around the US, to cater to the demand and needs of its esteemed customers. The company also went online in the 1990s in order to reach out to a wide customer base not only in the US but around the world.