Pendleton Blankets: for quality that lasts

Pendleton blankets have long been one of the finest names in top quality blankets in the world. With the wide range of designs provided by Pendleton, you are certain to find many you will love and may find yourself choosing several blankets!

It’s just too hard to choose only one when you shop for a Pendleton blanket! From blankets made to be used as throws to baby blankets, to king size bed blankets, Pendleton has it all.

Pendleton’s motto has been “Good for Life” and they mean it! Purchasing a blanket from the Pendleton collection will result in owning a quality item that will last and last.

Most of the blankets by Pendleton are created from 100% wool, but not just any wool. Pendleton uses the finest, softest wools possible in their blankets.

Merino, one of the lightest and warmest wools, for example, is used in their “Sweet Dreams” collection of lightweight blankets.

If you enjoy Native American designs, Pendleton has a unique selection of blankets in those designs, one special design is called “American Indian College Fund Blankets”. For 95 years, Pendleton has provided a large portion of the profit from these blankets to support the 34 tribal colleges teaching over 30,000 American Indian students from 250 Indian Tribes.

Many of these young people could not afford to attend higher education were it not for Pendleton and the traditional Native American blankets sold each year. Beautify your home and help to educate a young person all in blankets of your choice – what more could you ask for?

Pendleton’s Novelty Blankets collection provides a selection of interesting, gorgeous blankets in various themes that you will simply love.