Pacific Coast Pillows Perfection

Pacific Coast pillows are the final word in down filled pillows of every size, shape and style! The pillows available are of the best quality, but you’d never know from simply looking at price tags. The pillows from Pacific Coast are affordable yet durable. Even allergy pillows can be found in the Pacific Coast product line.

One Pacific Coast pillow you might select is the traditional down pillow. Available in standard, queen and king sizes, the 230 thread count 100% cotton covering is created with a barrier weave to prevent down from leaking from your Pacific Coast down pillow.

If you want a luxury pillow, Pacific Coast offers a 425 thread count covering with 100% white down in sizes to fit your needs. The dense covering designed with barrier weave will ensure you never find a down feather in your bedding! You be happy to find Pacific Coast supplies these pillows at amazing prices compared to many pillow manufacturers.

If you hate lumpy pillows but find that you always create lumps because you want the pillow to shape properly to your neck and head, you’ll be happy to learn about Pacific Coast Slumber Core pillows. The inside of these pillows actually have two down filled chambers which allows the neck and head to be supported without bunching up and lumping.

The Pacific Coast Embrace pillow line offers firm, medium and soft support in down filled pillows. If you like a European gusset style pillow, Pacific Coast has thought of you as well with their Eurofeather pillow.

Pacific Coast even designs children’s pillows, including allergy relief pillows. These pillows are created in the perfect size for children ages 2 to 12. Pacific Coast includes adult allergy relief pillows in their product line as well.

You’ll be so happy your learned about Pacific Coast’s extensive pillow product line. For true down, you simply won’t find better products at lower prices anywhere!