Orthopedic pillows: when your back is a pain in the neck

When you’re shopping online for orthopedic pillows, you want to know that you made the right choice so that you get all of the benefits that these pillows offer:

•correct alignment of your head, spine, neck and shoulders (The better companies offer different sizes to accommodate people of differing heights).

•reduction in snoring.

•better circulation for better overall health.

•less lower back pain.

The better quality orthopedic pillows are made of dense, or visco-elastic foam throughout, and some pillows even have gel inside the middle, an air bladder or water chamber to adjust the height of pillow. Talk about a high-tech pillow! The quality of foam from one pillow manufacturer to another may vary greatly.

•One thing that will help is to look for foam density numbers, which tells you how much a square foot cube of that foam weighs, which in turn tells you how dense you pillow will be.

•Generally, the higher the density number- the better quality foam you have in your pillow- the more expensive it will be.

•Experts who have tested these pillows generally say that the best density number is 4 or higher. This means that it will do its job and support your neck the way it should. Lesser dense pillows will break down pretty quickly and just aren’t worth the money.

I’ve learned this through personal experience, so don’t waste your money. When you decide to shop for these pillows online, I know you’ll be thrilled at all of the choices you find. The best part is no hassles with parking and waiting in lines- and salespeople who really don’t know much about their products- you have it all when you shop online.