Olive Kids bedding: an alltime favorite

Olive Kids bedding is so popular because it is high quality, so very cute and whimsical and yet very affordable. The combination of attributes can’t be found just anywhere.

With Olive Kids you get the whole package! They also make purchasing the bedding from Olive Kids easy. You can choose individual items or you can buy a bedbox which contains all the normal items of a bedding set. If you love mix and match, Olive Kids is just right for you.

But if you have no talent in matching different colors and patterns, Olive Kids designed the bedbox for you. There are also accessories for the bedroom that coordinate with every design. Everyone who purchasing kids bedding will love Olive Kids!

Let’s look at some Olive Kids Bedding designed to make little boys love their bedrooms. Of course, there are so very many different designs in bedding by Olive Kids that only a few can be described here.

Does your youngster dream of flying in space ships? They’ll love the new Olive Kids design bedding which is named “Out of This World”. White sheets imprinted with space objects, a sky blue comforter bearing the same space ships and rockets, stars and constellations, even aliens, will make the bedroom a space adventure for your little astronaut. Olive Kids thinks of everything by adding items to the bedding line like neck roll pillows, throw pillows and more.

Are race cars your little boy’s passion? If so, he’ll be thrilled with the Vroom bedding by Olive Kids. Colorful race cars cover the bedding. Sheets, pillow cases, everything features these cute, whimsical race cars. White, shades of blue and green create the backgrounds against which the race cars Vroom past.

Boys love Boats and Buoys Olive Kid design. This bedding set features brightly colored steamships and sailboats on the blue green waves along with the buoys which direct them where to go. Your young man will captain many ships in his happy dreams when sleeping on this Olive Kids colorful bedding design.

Every young man goes thorough phases of wanting to be a fireman, policeman, or another hero in our society. The Heros bedding by Olive Kids features all the icons of these professions. Fire trucks, police cars, ambulances along with the men who work in these areas are featured in this colorful bedding set along with the tools of their trades. Red, white and blue make great backgrounds for these heroic emblems.

Little girls are certainly not left out when Olive Kids creates bedding for kids. There are so many great designs that your young lady will love. She’ll have sweet, sweet dreams when you choose Olive Kids for your child’s bedding collection. Let’s look at a few designs.

And they lived happily ever after, or so end the fairy tales your little girl loves. With the Happily Ever After bedding from Olive Kids, she really will sleep happily until morning. The shades of purple start the fantasy land created on this kids bedding. Then add princesses, crowns, frogs, castles, dragons and you’ll have the bedding set fit for royalty!
Blossoms and Butterflies Olive Kid set is a great selection for the little girl’s room who loves watching butterflies flitter from blossom to blossom. Pink and white form the background for blue flower pots filled with blossoms. Butterflies flitter about from plant to plant. The blossoms depicted come in a wide range of colors making this Olive Kids set blend very well into a mix and match bedding collection. Solid pink, blue, purple or white sheets can make a change while the Blossoms and Butterflies sheets are in the laundry.

Flowerland offers the patchwork look in bright yellow and white with lots of flowers and insects that live around them. The comforter has faux stitching to make the patchwork appear to be very real. The bugs and flowers featured provide a rainbow of color for this bedding by Olive Kids.

You’ll find lots of bedding sets by Olive Kids that a little boy or little girl would like. Designs like Country Farm, depicting all the farm buildings and animals, would please either gender. The bright colors will go with just about anything and the cute animals anyone will fall in love with immediately. Something Fishy is another example of a unisex child’s bedding from Olive Kids. The deep blue sea background is populated with bright fish, turtles and lots of bubbles.

All of Olive Kids products are designed to be machine washed. Of course, when washing comforters, even kids comforters, you’ll want to use a heavy duty commercial grade machine or have those dry cleaned. The weight of a wet comforter is probably too¬†much for a home laundry machine to handle.