Nursing Pillows Tips

Nursing pillows help a mom support her baby properly and position the child during nursing to allow both mom and baby to be comfortable and cozy. Some of these ingenious, useful pillows can even be used for much more than just nursing times. A nursing pillow can be very helpful with nursing preemies, twins, and for breast or bottle feeding.

The Boppy, a favorite pillow of millions of moms, was not even designed to be a nursing pillow! However, mothers quickly saw the benefit of using this pillow during nursing. In fact, 98% of mothers who own Boppys say it is the best functioning pillow they could hope for.

Available in pink, blue, denim, and several cute prints, the Boppy is great for comfort and support but also for helping baby learn to sit up, propping baby, placing baby on tummy and supporting baby while playing.

Mothers place the Boppy on their lap or around their waist to help support baby during feeding to reduce strain on mother’s arms, neck, and shoulders. As baby begins to attempt to sit up, the Boppy can be used to support baby’s trunk while he or she practices this skill. Encircle baby with the Boppy and it is much better support than pillows when propping baby up so he or she can see the big wide world. Crawling skills are learned through tummy time and the Boppy can support the baby while the child builds up strength in the upper body. Baby will feel loved and oh so cozy supported by their Boppy. Mom will love it too!

The Pollywog nursing positioned pillow is designed to help mom avoid carpal tunnel symptoms, migraines, and neck and shoulder pain from holding her child while nursing. By supporting baby on the Pollywog nursing pillow, there is no need to lean down, resulting in back pain and sore nipples. By placing the child at the correct height for nursing, the baby will enjoy better digestion. The Pollywog is height-adjustable so that as the baby grows, mom simply adjusts the pillow rather than having to purchase another one in a different size.

The Nurse Prop R nursing pillow is another adjustable pillow for feeding baby. Designed to encircle mom’s waist, not only is baby properly positioned and supported, but mom’s back gets a welcomed break as well. The Nurse Prop R nursing pillow is actually two fiber-filled adjustable pillows connected together, each of which can be positioned separately. This allows you to position baby so that the height is just right, helping prevent air getting into baby’s tummy during feed as well as milk flowing into ear canals and causing infections. An adjustable strap holds the pillow in place securely and there is a side pocket for toys or nursing equipment.

My Brest Friend nursing pillow from Zenoff wraps around the mother’s waist to fit securely and position baby properly for feeding. Latch rises ensure proper position and proper latch for breastfeeding. Pockets for storage of necessities are really helpful. The cover is 100% cotton which can be removed and machine washable.