A new denim comforter makes a casual and cool statement for your teen

A denim comforter can make a teenager’s room “hip.’ Teens love denim for everything around them, or so it seems- and denim comforters will make them very happy! Denim never wears out, takes lots of abuse and the teens love it – what more could you possibly ask for in a comforter?

Want to put all those old denim jeans your teen has outgrown to good use? Cut the jeans into pieces and create your own comforter! Save some pieces that include the back pockets from the denim jeans to include in the design.

Sew the pieces together securely and create your comforter top. Then purchase a sturdy material for the back covering, stuff with top quality fiber and sew heavy contrasting string through the comforter and knot. Not only will your teen love the idea of denim in a comforter, but the fact that no one else has one exactly like it will make them feel really special!

Every teen wants to be unique and you can provide this with a denim creation like no other comforter. Denim is available in many different material weights. If you want a lighter comforter, then choices of light weight denim are for you. For a comforter that will never, ever wear out, choose from the heavier denim materials. Denim is also available in every color of the rainbow.

When shopping for a ready-made comforter that includes denim, shop for quality as well as price. Be sure the material used for filling the comforter is not going to bunch and clump, making the comforter lumpy and unattractive after a cleaning or two. It may cost a few dollars more to get a better filling in your comforter choice, but it is well worth the expense.

Buying a denim comforter bedding item that only lasts a few months is never a good investment. Since the denim will last for years, choose a filler material in the comforter that will last for years as well. A word of warning: comforter cleaning is not a home project! Washing machines made for the home are not meant for the weight of a wet comforter, and when you add the weight of denim into the equation, you have a sure-fire need for a new washer eventually if you try cleaning the comforter at home.