NBA comforter sets

NBA comforter sets will exhilarate your favorite sports fan! You’ll bring all of the favorite B- ball action the National Basketball Association to life right into their bedroom.

What a kick! All the most popular teams of the NBA have with team emblems and name emblazoned across any NBA comforter sets which include comforter, sheets and pillow shams.

Dust ruffles and throw pillows in matching schemes can be added to complete any boy’s bedroom. Any young man would be very proud of the fine quality bedding included in the National Basketball Assoc comforter set.

Does your young man thrill to the Los Angeles Lakers or New York Nicks?

Are the Boston Celtics or the Minnesota Timberwolves his heroes?

Maybe the Chicago Bulls or Dallas Mavericks are his favorites.

These teams and more are included in the NBA comforter sets you can select for him for the perfect birthday, Christmas or just “anyday” gift.

Most NBA comforters are made from a 100% cotton denim front with team logos embroidered on. The backs of the comforters are normally polyester/cotton blends. One of the favorite NBA designs feature black and white stripe sheets are edged in basketball designs.

The thread counts are normally around 180, and the cotton/polyester blend in 50/50 proportions. Most of the time you’ll be able to just pop this easy care bedding right into the machine to wash it, but double-check the instructions to be sure.

These sheet sets include top and fitted sheets and pillow case (s). These NBA comforter sets are available in twin or full and come in a nifty reusable duffle bag that zips closed. For the younger sports fan who may not have decided an a long-term team favorite team just yet, you can choose the NBA comforter set called “NBA Hoops” which features all the popular teams, and even have the NBA logo on all the bedding.

These kids bedding sets include the comforter, bottom and fitted sheets and pillow case. Sheets are 120 thread count and all the bedding is machine washable and will tumble dry too!