My Banky blankets: a baby’s best pal for snuggling

My Banky blankets are really cute super soft blankets for babies that have stuffed animals built in. A Banky blanket is made very differently then the run of the mill baby blankets.

At the top you’ll find a wide variety of colorful characters like:

•pandas •puppies •monkeys

•teddy bears •cows •ducks •elephants

And their feet, hooves or paws will emerge on the opposite corner of the blanket! You’ll love the detailing on these blankets- they’re made to last and really cute- the white and pink bunnies and yellow ducks are everyone’s favorite!

At first glance they look just like a cute little stuffed animal for babies…but when you unfold it you’ll see just how creative and fun this Banky blanket really is, and you’ll feel how much your baby or toddler will love it. Perfect for playing on, snuggling or napping under.

They are available in different sizes, from about 15″ square blanket, to about 28″ square.

They are made with ultra soft polyester and are safe to machine washed and tumble dried. At the time of this writing, they are priced at about 15.00 to 24.95. Personalizing your blanket will be easy too- there are several nice companies now that will do that for you at no charge.

A pretty nifty gift your child will enjoy for many years to come.You’ll be especially happy with your Banky blankets.