Mink blankets

Mink blankets are nothing like mink coats. The word mink brings to mind the browns or silvers of mink coats with long silky hair. A Korean mink blanket is another thing entirely.

These soft, plush blankets are cuddly and comfy but look nothing like a mink coat! Korean mink is actually an acrylic fiber that feels like mink. No furry little animals have to die to create these blankets. But no one will ever know the fiber is not mink fur because they feel exactly that rich and soft.

These blankets made from acrylic make great bedding choices for any home. When shopping for Korean blankets made from “mink” go for higher weight, denser blankets. This means the blankets are heavy, dense and very plush, so the mink fiber count is high and the product will last a long, long time.

If the blankets are less heavy or less plush, the mink fiber count is lower and the product may not last as long, or may even shed fibers! With prices for blankets of Korean mink so low, you can buy the best without spending a fortune!

The best blankets made of mink should be heavy to lift. These are not blankets to sleep under every night since they are so heavy. They are cold weather blankets and can be used during other seasons to show off the wonderful mink feel. Then, just fold the blanket back at night.

These blankets of mink come in patterns and prints that are gorgeous. Solid colors are also available. The mink products are often seen in wildlife prints such as zebra, tiger, leopard or other animal skin designs. Blankets for rooms based on rainforest or jungle themes will benefit well from these mink selection.

Other mink designs include eagles, angels, cartoon characters, scenes of mountains, flowers or just about any design you could possibly desire. Blankets include designs your child will love or any grown up would love. Because acrylic mink gives these blankets such as soft feel, no one would ever fail to fall instantly in love with these blankets.

The word “mink” makes one think these blankets would cost a lot. The pleasant surprise is that they are extremely affordable. Hardly costing more than regular, boring blankets, mink choices range from as low as $7.99 to around $100. Sizes range from those small enough for baby blankets to large enough for the California King bed.

As a gift for a baby shower, select a blanket of acrylic mink in a pretty color or pattern. You can rest assured your gift will not be duplicated by other gifts! Few people realize these mink acrylic blankets are available at such affordable prices.

One beautiful teddy bear design blanket was located at only $7.99. Perfect for baby’s tender skin due to the softness of the mink fibers, yet luxurious enough no one will know you obtained the gift at such a low price! Would you like another great surprise about mink acrylic blankets?

They are machine washable! Remember, however, that heavy blankets should not be washed in a home washing machine. The weight of the wet blanket is too much. Take these blankets out to the commercial laundry for cleaning. A large commercial machine has no problem handling the heavy weight of a mink acrylic fiber blanket.