Microsuede comforter

A micro suede comforter has become a new favorite for lots of families everywhere. Why? Well, micro suede comforters are so soft, if you’ve never touched one, you just won’t believe it.

Micro suede is made from incredibly tiny fibers made-in this case- of polyester. The fibers are many time smaller than other popular fabrics like silk and cotton. The result is a wonderfully soft, warm fabric that is perfect for comforters.

If you’re bummed that a lot of colorful comforters seem to have been available with only polyester fill, now you can even get micro suede with down fill for something really special for that new bedroom decor.

Pick from popular lush, gorgeous colors and designs like:

checks…… geometric patterns……. berry……. purple…….. browns……. black…….. ivory….. green.

Probably the best way to create the new fresh look of micro suede in your bedroom is to get a comforter set- this way you get everything you need in one easy step with:

•comforter- a lot of times with luxurious backing like sateen or even silk

•shams, number according to size of bed

•bed skirt If you’re looking for a special bedding set to send back to school with your college kids, then you could get them a ?micro suede mini- comforter set, which will come with everything above except the bed skirt.

You’ll love how this simple approach to bedding with micro suede can transform your bedroom into a beautiful, stylish space you’ll be happy to come home to.