A microfiber down comforter

A microfiber down comforter or two can be great additions to your winter bed coverings. Microfiber is lightweight, yet warm and cozy. Polyester microfiber resists stains too!

Most people don’t know that microfiber is even made of polyester! I was pretty surprised myself! The fibers are so incredibly small, three times smaller than a human hair.

The fabric that can be made with microfiber can be made to feel like suede, cotton or even the plushest fleece. You can locate microfiber comforters filled with 100% pure down at very reasonable prices by shopping online.

Twin, full, queen, king and California king sizes are all readily available. Often seen in colorful solids, microfiber comforters can also be found in beautiful prints and patterns.

You can find even better bargains in comforters filled with 75% down and polyester blend. When mixed comforter fillings are used, the fiber will not bunch and ball when cleaned.

Care for microfiber down comforters is simple and easy. Most of the comforters can be machine laundered, but you need to be aware that a home washing machine is not strong enough to handle a large wet comforter.

Use a commercial quality washing machine if you choose to machine wash. All the comforters can be professionally cleaned or dry cleaned, thereby providing a guarantee the outcome of the cleaning will be pleasing.

It only costs a little to use professional cleaning services for cleaning down comforters compared to the repair costs for fixing your home laundry equipment. You can choose from a very wide price range when selecting microfiber comforters.

Down is always more expensive than 100% polyester batting for comforter padding, but the difference is price is paid back in the luxurious feel of real down. The design and pattern choices will determine how much more you spend.

This winter, spend those cold nights under a cozy down comforter of microfiber and stay toasty warm. These comforters will not give you the weighted-down feeling of many other materials. You’ll sleep soundly and peacefully in your comfy cocoon created with a down comforter of any color or style you select.