Microbead Pillow to Add a splash of fun

A Microbead pillow is a great way to add some fun and color to your home decor- whether they’re for your sofa, living room or even the kids bedroom.

Kids especially have really fallen in love with microbead pillows and it’s no surprise why. They are super soft and squishy- and are fun to play with!

What makes them so fun is the fill, which is made up of millions of tiny little polystyrene plastic beads in sizes the range from .3mm to .5mm that slide and slip as you squeeze them.

The outside is very soft nylon/spandex fabric. Once you’ve held one of these pillows you’ll find it hard to put down! They come in so many sizes, designs and styles that you can find these fun little pillows to suit just about any taste.

Some of the most popular types of pillows with microbeads are in some cute shapes like:

footballs   soccer balls   decorative squares   basketballs    neck rolls    animals

Other pillow styles you’ll find: 18″ square pillow, perfect for adding some decorative flair to your bed or couch. They’re widely available in bright, vivid colors like: burgundy blue red green gold purple

The neck roll pillow with microbead fill is great for traveling, generally available in same colors as above, comes in several different sizes: 12″ by 7″    14″ by 7″     18″ by 7″

These aren’t really meant to be thrown in the washer, so the manufacturer recommends spot cleaning only. A nice pillowcase will help it stay cleaner longer. Most of the time, your local retailer’s just not going to have the selection- or be able to compete on price like your reputable online retailers will. And having those cute little pillows brought right to your door is a big plus too!