Maternity Pillows Tips

Maternity pillows can help the expectant mother sleep with greater comfort as her baby goes and the pressures of carrying the child make sleeping more and more difficult. As a mother’s hips and abdomen change with the growing child, sleep can become almost impossible unless her body is supported in new and different ways that were needed before pregnancy.

The maternity pillow is designs to hold the expectant mother’s body comfortably and without undue pressure on her strained skin and muscles. These pillows for maternity come in several different shapes so that the expectant mom can find exactly the support she needs.

One popular shape for pillows used during maternity is the C shaped pillow. This pillow is placed between the mother’s legs and under her stomach to support the baby without strain and to position her expanding hip bones comfortably. Some mothers prefer this style for use during the entire pregnancy; others prefer this style for early pregnancy and move to another shape in late term.

The maternity J shape pillow is loved by many expectant moms. This pillow cuddles the mother’s head, supports the abdomen and supports her legs as well. Some ladies who begin using a C shaped pillow move to a J shape in later months of pregnancy. Other ladies begin with the J shape pillow for maternity and use it for their entire term.

Maternity shapes in pillows for the entire body are also available. These pillows support the head, back, baby and legs in soothing comfort after a long day. This shape is a must for those mothers who must experience bed rest due to maternity difficulties. If your doctor recommends you stay off your feet, you’ll want to be sure to get a maternity full body pillow to prevent pressure and pain.