Maternity Body Pillows – support exactly where and when you need it

Maternity body pillows can really make a difference for expectant mothers in getting a good night’s sleep. As a mother’s body expands, sleeping can become quite uncomfortable because the weight of the child presses on key organs. If the mom to be sleeps on her side, there is no support for her expanded abdomen.

Sleep, in fact, can become a dreaded, painful experience, causing a pregnant woman to awaken feeling more tired then when she retired for the night.

It’s easy to see why maternity body pillows have become such as popular item for pregnant women. There are several different designs and filler material available, but the concept behind all these maternity body pillows is to provide support for the pregnant body wherever it is required to allow the expectant mom to relax and sleep soundly.

One great maternity body pillow is the Serenity Star Transitional Body Pillow. This pregnancy body pillow actually transitions into a nursing pillow, body pillow for the non-pregnant body, and even youth bed pillows. Using a modular design, the Serenity Star starts as out as a “U” shaped pillow and pillow case. After giving birth, the mother can unzip the pillow case and she’ll find three separate pieces inside: a curved pillow that is perfect for use as a nursing pillow, and two bolster pillows.

Use the bolster pillows on your child’s youth bed as your baby grows. The two bolsters together span the width of a king-sized bed, so you can even use them in the parent’s bedroom. This body pillow is made from quality synthetic down and is hypoallergenic, odorless, and dust mite-proof. Each piece can be washed and dried in standard home laundry equipment. The Serenity Star body pillow comes with one pillow case, but additional pillow cases can be ordered for the pillow in the maternity configuration as well as for each of the other configurations.

Another option in maternity body pillows is the Comfort-U Total Support Body Pillow. The oversized U shape allows the expectant mom to stretch out and have support on both sides of her body. Ergonomically shaped, this pregnancy body pillow helps prevent tossing and turning by supporting the neck, back, and shoulders and maintaining hip alignment. After their baby is born, many mothers continue to use this great maternity pillow as a standard body pillow due to the extreme comfort and coziness. Filled with a quality fiber imported form Denmark, called Fossfill, the extended polymer permits air circulation to prevent hot spots. Smaller, petite women may find the Comfort U Junior Body Pillow is best for their body pillow support.

Also available is a model with a moist heat option which includes a special moist heat pack that can be heated in the microwave and inserted into a special pocket in the pillow case. One poly/cotton pillow case is included in your choice of white or navy blue flannel. A natural pillow case option is made from 100% cotton, and a new gray polyfleece made of 100% polyester is available. Additional pillow cases can be ordered.

Sleeping Bean’s Original Sleeping Bean Body Pillow is one of the most popular body pillows for maternity or even non-maternity use. The 5.5 foot cylindrical shape conforms to the body to allow support while sleeping on the side. The Sleeping Bean, while not specifically made as a maternity body pillow, works very well and has even been recommended by Parenting Magazine. The outer pillow is 100% cotton and the inner contents are available in your choice of premium poly-fiber, white good feather, natural kapok, or recycled poly-fiber. Each of these pillow fibers will mold to the body of the expectant mom to help reduce pain and stress, maintain spinal alignment and help her get a relaxing, refreshing night’s sleep. Additional pillow cases are available in white, natural, light blue, hunter green or burgundy.