A Masculine Bedspread matches his style

A masculine bedspread with bold, striking colors are great for any man’s room, one of your guest bedrooms, a college dorm, or even for a couple’s bedroom. No man, no matter how long married, truly wants to sleep beneath a frilly, pink bedspread! Now, we all know a good husband will do it without too much complaint, but why not make life great for both of you?

Masculine bedspreads do not have to be something that ladies won’t enjoy as well. Animal prints in all types are very masculine and bedspreads in these prints are all the rage today. Suede-like bedspreads in dark colors are also very masculine and fit well into most bedrooms.

A masculine choice for a bedspread could also mean simply choosing a solid color. Floral prints just aren’t masculine, but almost any solid color, except pink or pastels, can fit into a masculine bedroom. Dark blues, purples, browns, black or hunter green are colors associated with bedspreads for the masculine touch.

If you want to add something truly masculine to the bedspread collection in your home, why not consider a NASCAR bedspread? Most of the men in your life probably love watching the races and have their favorite driver. A masculine dorm bedspread in your son’s favorite driver’s design will make him the envy of the other dormers!

Do the men in your life love hunting? You can find many masculine designed bedspreads with wildlife designs that aren’t SO masculine that you don’t feel comfortable with your choices in the master bedroom. Ducks, deer, birds, even dogs of various breeds make great masculine selections for bedspreads that aren’t so very masculine if accessorized for the both of you.

Be creative. You can choose a bedspread for a masculine look in southwestern or Native American designs. These patterns and colors will blend well in many decors and provide a masculine touch to the bedspread. Even non-traditional spreads can be used for the masculine look. A Native American woven rug, for example, makes a great bedspread. Have fun with your masculine designs for the bedspreads in various bedrooms in your home.