Luxury hotel brings in the new

Talk about luxury hotels, try the Benjamin Hotel in New York, where you can pick your night’s pillow from a menu of a dozen selections. All designed to bring you same perfect comfort you hopefully have at home! And you can forget the old bedspreads that made you wonder about cleanliness too.

Now a days, you’ll find a crisp white and newly washed duvet cover, which means you’ll rest assured that everything on your bed that night is fresh for you. They’ve also added new Egyptian cotton Aninchini bedding collections in ivory. They feature 400 thread count sheets, pillow shams and sateen duvet covers too.

I don’t think I’d ever want to leave! The cool thing is that if you stay there, you’re guaranteed a refund if you don’t sleep as well as you would at home. They’re very serious about your comfort there I’d say.

This hotel represents what alot of moderate to luxury firms are doing these days- being obsessed with the quality of your sleep. What was once just a bed has now become a much more detailed and careful examination of what it takes to please travelers and keep them coming back regularly.

So, they’ve become experts at things like thread counts and brand names like Aninchini and Sferra, as well as┬áduvet covers, mattress heights and even pillow top mattresses. That’s what I call traveling in style.