Luxury comforters for heavenly sleep

Luxury comforters provide a lofty, fluffy paradise that surrounds you as you sleep. The most luxurious comforters are down. Thanks to new bedding technology, even people in warm climates can experience the sumptuous comfort of down in a lighter weight comforter.

Duvet covers make a luxury comforter even better. Pay attention to the thread count of the outer material, even if you know that you are going to use a comforter cover. An amazingly soft, high thread count comforter cover is even better when the material actually covering the down is also soft and has a high thread count.

You’ll think you’re in heaven! Allergic to down? No problem. There are synthetic materials now that are just as warm and soft and fluffy as down, without the allergens.

You can even buy comforters with hypoallergenic covers to make your comforter even more comfortable. You can buy down (and synthetic down) comforters in light, medium, heavy, and extra heavy weights. You can find comforters to fit any size bed and even over-sized comforters to give you a little extra material – no more fighting over the comforter!

Most people will usually prefer down or wool-filled comforters over polyester blend. Then, of course, there’s the biggest trend right now in luxury – silk filled comforters. These ultimate luxury items drape over you in the purest and best most sumptuous material there is. Inside the comforters are layers of silk. The outside is silk also.

I have yet to experience the luxuriousness of a silk filled comforter, but from what I understand they feel very light. They drape over you with the light comfort of sheets rather than the heavier weight of a typical down comforter. Supposedly, your body heat controls the temperature of the silk comforters so you’re never too warm.

Believe it or not, these ultimate luxurious comforters are not as expensive as you’d think. Whichever comforter you choose, make sure you follow all care instructions. The ultra comfortable, ultra luxurious silk comforters can only be dry cleaned. Some down comforters can now be washed, but many can’t, and need to be professionally cleaned to retain their loft and warmth.