Luxury Comforters- Sink into Comfort with These Easy Tips

When you’re looking to buy luxury comforters it can get a little confusing with all the different options available.  Maybe I can help you sort all the details out so you’ll find the perfect comforter.

What actually makes a luxury comforter different from the more economical options out there?

One- The quality of the materials like the shell, or outer cover. In cheaper comforters you’ll see thread counts generally around 220 or so. This means the weave of the fabric on the shell itself will be looser than it should be, and will eventually allow the feathers of the down fill to poke through the cover.  You want to look 100% cotton with thread counts of 300 or more- generally the higher the better.  This way you can be sure that little down feathers won’t be poking you in the in the middle of the night.

Two- How the comforter is actually made is also important.  In more economical comforters, the fill is just in their floating around, which makes for lumps of down in some areas of your comforter and almost nothing in other places. So what you want to look for is something called baffle box construction. This means that the down is actually separated inside the comforter using fabric that keeps the down from shifting and moving around. Attention to details like this in luxury comforters guarantee the best warmth distribution and of course, comfort.

Three- Fill power, or how efficient is the fill.  For a comforter to be rated as luxurious, you want to look for a fill power numbers of 600 to 700.  This means you have large strong clusters of down in your comforter. This provides better insulation, last alot longer than inferior down, and breathes to make you more comfortable.

Four- Is the down clean enough to be allergy free? The better bedding companies make sure to wash and rinse the down and feathers not just once but multiple times to remove any allergens dirt and dust that bite cause you to have an allergic reaction.

Five- Does the manufacturer offer a warranty of any kind? With most companies sadly the answer is no.  However there are some reputable firms that do stand behind their product guaranteeing the quality and workmanship of their comforters.
Now that you’re armed with these tips on what to look for in luxury comforters, finding the perfect one should be easy.

Remember to also get a duvet cover, in other words, a comforter cover to protect that investment from dirt and sweat. In fact you might want to consider getting more than one so you always have a fresh one on the bed.  Launder those covers once a week or two weeks for the best results.