Luxury bedding: helps you sleep like royalty

Luxury bedding is used in the finest establishments around the world, and have until recently been available to only the more wealthy of us.

But now, retailers that previously sold their fine bed linens only in the bigger cities around the world, are now able to offer luxurious bedding online to satisfy the ever increasing demand.

The most reputable makers of luxury bed linens have so far been in Europe, with Italy and France being the most noted, with Switzerland and Ireland also very much in the mix.

Some of the more famous names in fine bed linens are: Signoria, Frette, Anichini, Dea, Peacock Alley, Bellino, Yves Delorme

If you’re interested in investing in luxurious bedding, there are a few things to keep in mind as you shop. Assuming that you have a good quality, comfortable and supportive mattress, a mattress pad and featherbed.

Now you’ll need your bed linen. While there are some differences of opinion as to exactly where luxury begins in thread count terms, generally look for counts above 280.

They go all the way up beyond 1000. When it comes to fine bed linen, Egyptian cotton is considered the king of luxury. The fibers are the longest and most stable, and are spun into some of the most supple, luxurious and buttery fabrics ever.

Because the fibers are so long, Egyptian cotton is incredibly strong. So your bed sheets, pillowcases, bed skirts and duvet covers don’t lint and pill, and will last for decades with proper care.

They actually become softer and even more comfortably smooth on your bed as time goes on. Luxury bed linens of this caliber are beyond compare. You can make your selection from a vast array of prints and colors, with various fabric treatments like jacquards and matelasse.

Exciting options in luxury bedding are now available online to help you pamper yourself in the style that you deserve! And when shopping online, you enjoy the ease and convenience of browsing whenever it suits you.