Have resort comfort at home with luxury bed linens

Yes, it is more expensive, but there is nothing on earth like luxury bedding. Imagine that you just got out of a bath and slipped into silk pajamas. You slide back the fluffy overstuffed comforter with the indulgent Egyptian cotton comforter cover.

You climb into a sumptuous pillow-topped bed with the softest bed sheets you can imagine. The thread count is approaching infinity. You rest your head onto the bed and feel the cool softness of the pillowcase against your face.

You pull the lofty bed covers over you and feel so warm, so relaxed, so safe. As you close your eyes, you feel like you could sleep forever. Sound nice? Now imagine that same experience every night.

That’s the power of luxury bedding. Luxury hotels learned that secret long ago. They make it a practice to use only the finest luxurious bed linens available. No one ever complains about uncomfortable beds in a five star luxury hotel.

My goal in life is to sleep on a $3000 set of luxurious Pratesi sheets. Yes, my goal in life. If you think I’m insane at this point, you’ve never slept on the pure luxury of Pratesi sheets. I also want bedding by Anichini, Frette, and Bellino.

If you’ve seen these names and their price tags and think they are a little out of your range, don’t panic. You don’t have to settle for uncomfortable bedding when you can find this caliber of bedding by simply letting your fingers do the walking online.

You will simply be amazed at some of the purely awesome deals that are available out there! You do not have to pay full price on gorgeous finer bed linens anymore.