Luxury Bed Linens Laundering and Care

Luxury bed linens are an investment that adds comfort and warmth to any home. Taking proper care of your cotton, pure linen, or a cotton / linen blend, bedding will keep them feeling cozy and looking great for many years. Most luxury linens come with care instructions written on sewn in tags. The suggestions offered below are meant to supplement the manufacturer’s instructions.

A Few Tips Before You Get Started

You may launder most luxury bed linens at home unless otherwise instructed on tag. Here are some quick tips before getting started:

* Wash new lines before sleeping on them the first time.

* Use a gentle laundry detergent to extend the useful life of your bed linens.

* Some skin care products contain oxidizing agents that will discolor your bed linens when washed. If you use these products, be sure to wash them off before going to bed.

* Bed linens will naturally shrink from original size. Washing in very hot water or drying with high heat will shrink bed linens more

Washing Luxury Bed Linens

1. Separate bedroom linens into light or dark colors. Avoid overloading the machine to prevent damaging long staple fibers like those in Egyptian linen. Wash in warm water, using a gentle laundering agent, with a final cold rinse. Pre-soak in cold water if necessary.

2. Allow your washing machine to fill up and begin agitating before you add detergent or bleach. Usually you won’t need the recommended amount of detergent; use a half measurement unless your linens are very dirty. Mild detergent is gentler on cotton and fine bedding linen, and will extend their useful life.

3. Remove bedding linen fabric from washing machine promptly when finished to reduce wrinkling.

Drying Luxury Bed Linens

1. Air drying bed linens on a line is the ideal way to dry, but a dryer does an excellent job when convenience is at a premium.

2. Do not use a heat setting that is too warm for your linens or dry them too long as this will cause some damage.

3. Remove your bed linen promptly from dryer and fold neatly to reduce wrinkling.

Ironing Luxury Bed Linens

Fine bed linens are made out of natural fibers that have a tendency to wrinkle, especially when new. After some use these fibers will relax allowing the bedding to wrinkle less. If you wash and dry properly, and fold as soon as finished, most wrinkles will be avoided. For the smoothest finish, use a good iron and iron linen fabric while still damp.

Storing Luxury Bed Linens

1. Be sure to iron linens before storing for long periods, as this will help prevent creasing.

2. Do not store directly on wood. Long term contact with wood can discolor linens and cause damage.

3. Do not store in direct sunlight which will fade colors.