Love Your Wool Throw Blanket

Football lovers are the best example of avid fans. These crazy sports lovers will support their teams through rain, sleet and snow. You can see them every season, in the stands wearing no shirts but plenty of body paint. Many fans, however, are smart enough to wrap up in coats, scarves and gloves. The other option for freezing fans in the stadiums is a wool throw blanket.

Traditional wool throw blankets are made of durable material. They are a great way to beat the winter cold. The thick wool works to regulate your body temperature keeping you more comfortable. Gone are the days of the traditional wool blanket. The ones made today are much more fun and fashionable.

Wool blankets today are made slightly different. Sure, traditional wool blankets can still be found, but now there are organic, Irish and merino wool blankets. They can be thick and heavy or lightweight. Manufacturing processes combined with technology have given us many more choices in our wool blankets.

Not only do these blankets come in different weights and textures, but colors too. You can find wool blankets in every color imaginable. Many of them have patterns and designs and sports fans can even find them with their team names and symbols. If your team is not available the team colors will be. Wool blankets have come so far they even come with sleeves now.

Another benefit to the new lightweight wool blankets is they take up less space. This is perfect for sports fans that take coolers, and snacks and cushions, etc… These wonderful blankets can be folded and carried in a bag or backpack. They could serve also serve as a cushion thus eliminating the need to pack a big bulky pillow.

Wool blankets can be fashionable. These blankets come in so many great colors, designs and prints almost everyone can find one to match their décor. They look great folded, or spread across the back of the couch. One that matches or complements the colors of your bedroom can be used across the foot of the bed. This adds a touch of color and gives your room a more finished look.

Today there are animal prints, sports teams, unicorns, fairies and just about any other design you can dream up. Many people have seen the street corner vendors set up with their wool throw blankets. These vendors usually have some of the most unique designs. Many times, they offer the best prices too.

You can buy a wool throw blanket in most department stores. Many of the larger chain stores carry them in the winter. Or go online and search the internet. There are literally dozens of sites that sell them.