Look Your Best with a Good Nights Sleep

by Kamau Austin

Today, our lives have become so busy there seems to be hardly any time for us to devote to sleep. Given that many of you are driven, goal-oriented, and over-achievers, spending a third of your lifetime sleeping can seem like a waste of time.

But sleep remains an indispensable part of human life and function. Sleep is the bodys miracle of restoration and its importance to your well-being shouldnt be discounted.

Simply stated: you need a good nights sleep for both overall health and beauty. Lack of sleep can lead to serious health problems, a weaker immune system, and mental stress. You could also experience related problems like memory impairment and a lack of quality sleep makes you look tired, less attractive and rundown.

You may have filled your daily routines with so many activities that both your body and mind are unable to cope with such high pressure. Ultimately, without quality sleep to recharge your body and mind, you may begin to show signs of stress.

Sleep deprivation seems to be a common problem. Sadly, over scheduled and stressed out adults are passing their lack of priorities for a good nights sleep down to their children.

A recent report by The National Sleep Foundation (NSF), a respected nonprofit organization dedicated to addressing sleep problems and disorders and to researching and educating the public on the importance of sleep concluded: ‘The 2006 NSF Sleep in America poll of 1,602 households across the U.S. indicates that 11-17-year-olds have lengthy to-do lists, and sleep often gets pushed to the bottom of those lists, putting teens at risk for health and mood problems and difficulties in school. In fact, many teen respondents said they often arrive late for school, fall asleep in class or are too tired to exercise. To top it off, parents may be in the dark about the sleep debt their children are accruing.’

Sleep is Essential

Sleep, like food and water, is an essential requirement in our lives. If you deprive yourself of a good nights sleep, then you may be inviting trouble.

There are some importance advantages to getting a good nights sleep:

* Sleep goes a long way in determining how you look and feel.

* It enables you to be more alert and energetic.

* It helps you to concentrate more on your work at home, the office, or school.

* When you sleep well, both your body and your mind are refreshed; sleep removes most signs of tiredness and helps to keep you lively and full of energy.

There are also some significant disadvantageous to missing out on your sleep:

* When you build a sleep debt, your body becomes tired in the daytime and forces you to take naps.

* While twenty- or thirty-minute power-naps may be beneficial, relying on those naps can become a bad habit. Most employers arent too happy to find you asleep at the computer. Sleeping on the job almost always leads to a reprimand or dismissal.

* Lack of sleep makes you more irritated and prone to depression, mood swings and forgetfulness.

The Beauty of a Good Nights Sleep

You can enhance your health and overall appearance by getting a good nights sleep. Researchers are working rigorously to establish the precise connection between sleep and beauty, but there is already strong evidence that:

* Lack of sufficient sleep creates eye problems like dark circles under your eyes.

* While creams, lotions, masks, and other cosmetics can help alleviate unsightly eye problems, remember to also alter your lifestyle and get more sleep. * ‘Your eyes are the windows to your soul.’ They reflect your inner health and highlight it to the outside world.

In other words, getting enough sleep helps make you feel better both inside and out.

By now you shouldnt be surprised to learn that many of your eye problems are caused by a poor sleeping habits. This article illustrates how getting a good nights sleep can sometimes help you avoid unsightly and distracting facial features like dark circles under your eyes.

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