Let’s talk organic sheets

There is a huge difference between conventional and organic bed sheets and other bed linen. While the conventional bed sheets are made of cotton, which has toxins like pesticides, organic bed sheets are free from all such chemicals. As a result, they don’t cause skin rashes and allergies that are a common occurrence with the conventional ones. Moreover, buying these organic bed sheets also makes sure that we are helping to preserve our planet in our own small way.

Organic cotton fabrics are an important step towards a greener lifestyle. The past fifty years have seen a lot of erosion of our natural resources. One of the main reasons for this is the excessive use of water, fertilizers and pesticides. Farmers use these chemicals to increase the production of their cotton crop. However, most of these chemicals find their way into water bodies such as rivers and lakes.

The high concentration of these chemicals can cause the death of fish and other aquatic life forms. In fact, this has led to problems like desertification across the world. These chemicals also enter the soil and cause pollution for miles. The increasing use of pesticides has also caused a lot of genetic mutation in pests, which has made them more resistant.

Chemical fertilizer production also takes a heavy toll on the environment. Considering all these factors, organic farming may be the only practical way to save the environment and fulfill our needs as well. Buying more organic bed sheets and bedding will help the farmers to practice sustainable farming which in turn will increase the production of organic cotton which is free from all fertilizers and uses less water and other resources as compared to the conventional cotton.

Most people think that organic bed sheets are really hard to find and radically more expensive. They may be a wee bit more expensive than the conventional ones, however they last longer and are perfectly safe for you and your kids. Moreover, as more and more people are switching to organic linen, these bed sheets are becoming more and more reasonably priced. People on a budget can start with a set of organic bed sheets to make their bed room more eco friendly.

You can buy organic bed sheets from a number of bedding stores and companies. These days companies like Pure Rest Organics and Giam have become quite popular for their organic products. You can get mattress pads, towels, quilts, comforters and wool blankets at Giam. Many places also sell soy and bamboo bedding along with organic bed sheets. If you’re looking for cotton bedding, you can get some natural hues at Coyuchi. You can browse Native Organic Cotton for aprons, towels, and robes besides the traditional organic bedding.

As more and more people wake up to the benefits of organic bed sheets, it will become easier to find them in stores and online. Just make sure that they are genuinely organic!