Laura Ashley designer bedding

Laura Ashley bedding provides some of the most elegant bedding choices on the market today. Laura Ashley is well known, not only for bedding, but for other home decor products as well.

Laura Ashley has taken her skills to the bedding world with the same panache as all the other areas of her designs. Ms. Ashley designs bed linens for the adult, teens, children and even babies too!

The bedding for babies and young children include whimsical themes such as fairies and flowers, prefect for little girl’s bedding choices. The bed linen in solid colors lend themselves very well to little boy’s bedding from the Laura Ashley line.

The trademark of Laura Ashley work is to mix a variety of different patterns successfully.

An example is the Laura Ashley Cottage Rose where small green and white print mixes with bold roses using rose reds and greens on white. This bed linen also includes solid accents, pulling the entire look together. Mixing patterns is a true art form that Laura Ashley can do like no one else!

Laura Ashley’s Once Upon A Time bedding set is beautiful lavender satin-like polyester. Sheets of white netting provide a whimsical touch, as do the iridescent sequins which look like tiny flowers along the hem of the netting. Attention to tiny details such as these have help Ashley’s line earn a name in the top designers. Quality and distinctive styling are guarantees when you buy bedding from Laura Ashley’s line. Even the lavender quilted pillow shams have the touch of white netting as ruffles around the edges!

The Sophia bedding set is another of Ashley’s examples of mixing patterns. With blue and white plaid sheets as a foundation, the pillow cases carry this pattern and add white eyelet borders. The comforter is white with blue floral in two different patterns enhanced by blue border stripes defining the areas of different designs. You may not think plaid and floral would mix well, but the way Laura Ashley does it, it works as a perfect bedding set!

Emilie is a case where the bedding line by Laura Ashley mixes plaid and flower in an even bolder scheme. The dust ruffle of blues in a plaid pattern, mixed with floral sheets in white and yellows, topped with a comforter in blue with yellow flowers creates a gorgeous mixture of patterns and colors. The pillow shams, when mixed by selecting a pair of each of the patterns mentioned, brings everything together into a creative bedroom design approach that anyone would love.

Ashley bedding can be found at affordable prices, especially online. Often, online bedding sources will carry some of Laura Ashley’s designs at prices which compete with non-designer bedding. No matter where you find your newest favorite bed linens, you’ll find choices from the Laura Ashley line that you’ll simply love!