Lambs Ivy Infant Bedding

Lambs Ivy infant bedding offers you some exceptional choices for creating the perfect nursery.

With 25 collections, each presenting whimsical, creative, and adorable bedding themes, you can create the entire decor around these top-quality crib and baby bed products. Your baby boy or baby girl will find the embellishments fascinating as they begin to explore the big wide world around them.

Lambs Ivy infant bedding is created with the busy parents in mind. Machine washable bedding created from easy-care cotton fabric means your baby’s skin will touch soft sheets and blankets that become softer and softer with each additional washing.

In addition to the crib sets made to hold up under constant use, you’ll find a complete line of baby bedding accessories including

  • lamps,
  • accent and floor pillows,
  • mobiles,
  • picture frames,
  • baby’s first upholstered chair,
  • and even diaper storage hangers made to mix with each decor scheme.

If you love bright tropical colors, your child will likely enjoy these also.
The Aloha collection by Lambs & Ivy features bright green, blue, and yellow plus white to create an infant bedding collection that features velour surf boards on the bumpers and quilt. The fitted sheet blends the same colors into a set of bedding that will last and last.

Any little girl would love the Angel Bear collection. Satin and dotted Swiss, along with pink swirls, add whimsy and charm to the quilt, crib bumpers and sheet. This collection features a flower shaped throw rug and appliquéd draperies which can be purchased separately.

Often, safari theme infant bedding is designed with little boys in mind. Lambs & Ivy knows that baby girls love jungle creatures too. Featuring elephants, moneys, giraffes, and other jungle animals, the satin and pique blend with polka dots to add texture and sensory satisfaction as your baby explores the crib quilt. Pink, blue, lavender, yellow, and white create a colorful and rich environment where your baby girl can rest safe and secure.

For a nursery created from jewel tones, you’ll find the Serenity Collection meets your needs perfectly. Using shades of violet and purple, along with blue, green and sage, rich colors surround your child while embroidered embellishments and ribbed velvet offer texture for little fingers to explore. This bedding collection’s quilt is sure to become a child’s favorite even after growing out of the crib.

Little boys will love the marine theme of the Bubbles Lambs Ivy infant bedding. Using ocean blue, seafoam green, and coral, this bedding set is detailed with appliqués of starfish, seashells, octopus, and bubbled rising to the sea’s surface. The starfish pillow is a great addition and you might even want to select the port hole wall decorations. A darling chenille blanket featuring lobsters completes the underwater theme.