King Size Bedspreads

If you have a king sized bed and are looking to score a cool king sized bedspread, then this little buying guide will help you with some information about them.

Many people who have queen bedsĀ even like the larger sized king spreads to allow them to drape to the floor and offer warmth even when sleeping with a “cover hog”. If you find yourself left outside the warmth of the bedspread and awaken cold, the larger spread can offer more area to share and prevent this problem in many cases.

King size bedspreads generally are available in four different styles.

The style you are most familiar with is probably the traditional drape bedspread which is a rectangular bed cover with curved corners which drape down the sides of the bed. The normal drape for a king size is twenty-one inches.

The tailored box style bedspread has four flaps which drop down the size and are often sewn together with or without an internal pleat to allow extra movement. These spreads are usually used in situations where they are not actually slept beneath but removed from the bed.

The boxed drape type has square corners but also drapes about twenty-one inches from the top of the bed. Coverlet type king size bed spreads work best with a bed skirt and drape only fifteen inches from the mattress top.

Depending on the weight of your king sized bedspread, you may not want to launder it using your home laundry equipment. If the bedspread, when completely wet, will exceed the suggested load limit for your washing machine, do not use your home equipment, even if it is labels as “commercial grade” because the stress of the heavy material can ruin the washing machine’s transmission. The cost of repairs can be quite high. It is much better to wash large bedding such as these bedspreads and king comforters at the local laundry using large load machine and save your home washing equipment for light laundry.

You’ll find king size bed spreads available in a multitude of fabrics, designs, and patterns. Many bedspreads are quilted using cotton or poly/cotton blend top with polyester backing and a thin layer of polyester fill, making them much lighter than comforters or duvets.

Velvet spreads usually are not backed and are crafted from crushed or smooth velvet. Satin bedspreads add a lustrous touch to the king size bed. Ever popular are chenille king size bedspreads for their soft, cozy feel. However, 100% cotton fabric king bedspreads are loved the world over.

No matter which fabric, designer, color, pattern, or style you choose, be sure to select top-quality material and construction. This doesn’t mean, however, that you have to spend a fortune on your king sized bedspread. Quality, name brand bedding can be found at affordable prices by shopping online.