Kids floor pillows: just plain fun!

Kids floor pillows are just plain fun!! Kids love to sit on or near the floor and why not let them when you can add fun kids floor pillows to the den, playroom, bedroom or just about any room at all?

Designs, fabrics, fillers and colors are available in a broad selection to fit right in with the rest of the décor. Floor pillows are also quite popular with teens and even adults.

The traditional round or square floor pillow is still around, but whimsical shapes are readily available online too! For the sports minded kids, there are floor pillows designed to look like basketballs, baseballs, soccer balls and other sports objects.

These would fit right into a casual den or play room. What about a star and moon floor pillow set? Comfy and inviting, these kids floor pillows would be perfect for the bedroom or anywhere the kids love to play.

For teens or kids, consider a floor pillow shaped like a large blossom and available in a garden of bright floral shades. What should you look for when shopping for these cool sorts of floor pillows?

First of all, identify the filler material used in the pillows. If your child has allergy problems or asthma, you might want to consider a non-allergenic filler material such as the new micro powder beads or buckwheat hulls. Fiber filled pillows which use polyester can become a haven for the dreaded dust mite!

Next, determine if the pillow cover is a zip-on removable cover for easy washing. If so, you can expect the cover to last a long time by washing it regularly. The washing of the cover can also help a child with allergies remain symptom free. Last, look at the liner that holds the stuffing of the kids floor pillows.

You know your child WILL be jumping up and down on the pillow and you want seams that will not split apart and leak filler all over the house. Sturdy construction is an absolute must in child floor pillows. Choose a good quality, sturdy floor pillow or set of kids floor pillows for your home.