Jungle Safari Nursery Themes

Preparing for the arrival of a new baby is one of the most exciting times of your life. There is so much to do – some things fun and exciting; some not. Most new moms find the process of decorating the nursery to be one of their most enjoyable tasks. The variety of options available can also make it a little overwhelming. I suggest focusing on just one or two fundamental nursery decorating themes to quickly make the process more manageable.

The jungle safari nursery theme has been one of the most popular nursery themes selected by new moms for many years. The jungle theme is very versatile. Mom can choose a very subtle but delightful approach that incorporates the theme through creative combinations of color and selective use of jungle themed decorative pieces.

Or Mom can go “over the top” by filling the nursery with jungle animals depicted on quilts, bumpers, lamps, mobiles, light switch plates, pillows, wall décor – the list can go on and on. Mom can be creative by hunting around herself for different items that communicate the african safari theme; or take advantage of the creativity of a host of baby bedding designers and manufacturers that have developed extensive groups of crib bedding and coordinating nursery decorating accessories in the jungle safari theme. The jungle theme can be easily incorporated into a formal, sophisticated, or playful decorating mood – whichever appeals to you.

If you choose to take advantage of the coordinating collections created by designers and manufacturers, you will have much to choose from. My experience in the baby bedding industry suggests that it would be best that you limit yourself to a relatively small number of designers/manufacturers that have much experience with this product category. While you will discover that there are many “mom-and-pop” operations continually entering and leaving this market, I have found the quality of their merchandise, relative to the price, to be unacceptable.

It is just impossible for them to match the enormous economies of scale enjoyed by the major manufacturers. These economies enable the major manufacturers to incorporate very creative features into their collections at a fraction of the cost of smaller start-up operations. And their collections are normally around for years, making it very simple to replace items in the future if that becomes necessary.

Following are just two examples of the jungle safari themed nursery collections made available by major manufacturers:

Zanzibar, by Kidsline, is in keeping with what distinguishes this manufacturer from the rest – namely, an unbelievable number of coordinating accessories. Including everything from standard mobiles, valances, and pillows to waste baskets, toy boxes, upholstered chairs, and car seat covers. The six-piece crib bedding set itself, retailing for under $200, features giraffes, monkeys, and other jungle animals rendered with embroidered appliques. Zanzibar is for those seeking a very playful and “babyish” approach to a jungle safari nursery.

• At the other end of the spectrum is Baby Cheetah, by Glenna Jean. Featuring high quality fabrics that communicate the safari theme through colors and patterns, including a dramatic cheetah print, this collection is for those seeking a more sophisticated look for the nursery.

These are just two of over forty jungle safari nursery theme collections offered by the following major manufacturers: Kidsline, Lambs and Ivy, Cocalo, Nojo, and Glenna Jean. Limiting yourself to these designers will give you plenty to choose from while being comfortable that you are working with a proven supplier.