Italian bedding- eccellente!

Today it’s relatively easy to find Italian bedding, especially online. Bed linens manufactured in Italy are known for their fine quality, attention to detail and durability. They are smoother and silkier than your average bed linen and are considered to be some of the best. The thread counts will normally go from 300 and up, which is considered to be in the luxury range.

Some of the most recognized names in Italian bedding are:

• Frette

• Bassetti

• Signoria

• Bellino

Another good thing about these fine bed linens is that the sheets come in sizes that can accommodate the thicker, plusher bed mattresses produced in today’s market. This permits people to outfit that very expensive beds with the best Italian linen available.

With the growing popularity of Italian bed linen, a lot of online merchants are now offering them in a good range of selections. There was a time when only the wealthier of us could afford this type of bedding- and it used to be available only in the biggest cities around the world.

But now with the advent of internet shopping, more people can have access to fine Italian bedding. Since there’s a lot of competition between merchants, prices are going to be competitive, especially online, where you have the world at your fingers. They’ll even bring those bedding treasures right to your door with a smile!